Online Teaching Mathematics, Physics And Chemistry

The scientific subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry are tough to under and difficult to learn. That’s why students want a proper guidance and teaching from an experienced and dedicated teacher. Tafheem ul Quran international academy has started top class online teaching facility for mathematics, physics and chemistry for all grades all across USA. The tutors are qualified from renowned institutes of the world that have complete command on subject. We mainly focus on problem solving skills and writing skills rather than cramming/memorization. The certified teachers have prepared detailed presentations, videos, books, PDF to provide quick access to relevant study material for students. The expert teachers pay attention to build critical thinking and speech delivery skills in students. Our teaching methods and communication skills increase confidence level of students and clarify their vision about subject. The online teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry classes provide online laboratory facility for better learning through experimental demonstration.

  • The dedicated teaching staff incorporates latest technologies and interactive means to clear all concepts of subjects.
  • The professional teachers keep record of every child based on tests or assessments and provide monthly evaluation report to their parents.
  • We specially focus on weak areas and target to uplift the understanding of a subject.
  • We provide complete flexibility of time to set your class 24x7x365 depending upon your requirement.
  • We use audio and visual equipments that aid in learning process.
  • Our tutors assist students to prepare tests, quiz, assessments or homework.
  • The online teaching mathematics, physics and chemistry classes prepare your students to pace with competing world via providing research based practical information.

We ensure 100% standard education to your children in affordable fee. We accept charges via online banking methods. We polish hidden spark in your child and provide them with career counseling as well.

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