Reading and learning the Holy Quran online is the most effective and the best way for kids and adults. In Tafheem UL Quran online academy, multiple Quran courses are available like Online Quran for kids, online Quran Translation course, online Quran memorization, advance Tajweed course, and the Online Quran for beginners. We have qualified male and female Quran Tutor that have several years of experience.

After an interview, we hired them as a Holy Quran tutor for the kids and adults. Muslims who lived in the USA can also easily access our courses. You can take classes 24/7 a day.

Online Quran classes with flexible Timing

As an online Quran academy, we offer many courses, but most people choose the online Quran classes from any corner of the world who need a flexible timing class. Because some have jobs in the day time and they want to learn in night shift. We also provide the day and night shift for such students. Mostly the parents want to hire online female Quran tutors because of small girls. You know girls are shy and can’t easily communicate with male tutors. So they prefer females as compared to male tutors.

So we are always here for you to provide the online Quran classes with flexible timing according to your choice.

Learn Advance Tajweed course 

This course is not for beginners, we provide an advanced Tajweed course for the students. After the basic Qaida course, and basic Tajweed course, we provide the Advance Tajweed course for such students. We provide female Quran tutors online for kids learning with advanced Tajweed courses. In advance Tajweed course, our qualified tutors teach you more advance Pronunciation of the Holy Quran with proper rules. Moreover, our female tutors are special for small girls.

Importance of Learning the Holy Quran online

We know Quran is our Holy Book and reading and reciting the Holy Quran gives us the divine blessings of Allah Almighty. We have online Female Tutors for Kids Learning. As Muslims, we need to learn and recite the Holy Quran daily. QURAN is not for save on shelves but for our guidance.
In online education, you cannot need any proper place for learning, or you don’t need to go anywhere. From anywhere, a place, or anytime, you can easily connect with our skilled tutors online. Another important point of online Quran learning is the parents are also satisfied to learn the Holy Quran from home. You do not need to go anywhere for learning.

At an affordable fee, we provide online Quran courses for all ages Muslims. We also provide a monthly base report of the students.

Our motive to enable those newborn Muslims who lived in the USA, UK, and other countries, to learn the Holy Quran education. We provide online Quran classes for kids and adults via Skype. To connect with us, you need only a laptop, PC, iPad, and the best internet connection. So come and join us for the Holy Quran and Islamic education!