Online Quran Reading in USA

Leading online Quran reading USA, Our all instructors are carefully examine in hiring process, then go through strong preparation, where they are qualified how to educate on internet and how they can make the class really online. Quran instructors are particularly skilled for handling children. We made classes exciting that children come on our website at class timings so parents do not ask there children to go online for the classes.

The purpose of our website is to provide Quran lessons in an easy and flexible method for children as well as elders. Now children can grow the knowledge of Islam at home in front of your eyes, so you don’t need to force your kids far away to a mosque for learning Quran with Tajweed. We can assist you to read Quran with correct rules of Tajweed.



As Online Quran Reading for USA, Our tutors are hardworking individuals of high caliber who know well how to keep on going easily with a student
in a friendly environment to produce best results.  Most of the teachers are
– Hafiz-i-Quran (Have memorized whole Qu’ran)
– Well aware of rules of Recitation.
– University graduates in Islamic Studies.
– Well trained to teach Quran & Urdu online.
– Have excellent command on English, Arabic and Urdu languages to converse with their students and to deliver
– Highly motivated and understand the complexities faced in this profession. They have an urge to go for the
maximum results.


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