What is Tajweed?

The word Tajweed means to improve and to make your recitation good and perfect. The Quran is the Holy book from Almighty Allah and we have to recite the Quran very seriously.

The word Tajweed is a combination of rules that enables you to pronounce the Quranic words perfectly. By learning the rules of Tajweed and Quran reading you can enable yourself to understand the exact message from Almighty Allah.
In short, Tajweed is like an art of pronounced the recitation of the Holy Quran more beautifully. And believe us our teachers will goanna make you the master of this art.

Is It Compulsory To Read The Holy Quran With Tajweed?

The holy Quran contains many regulations and recommendations. That’s wits very important to recite and learn the holy Quran correctly and clearly. As Allah Almighty mentioned in his Holy book.

“ And recite the Quran with measured recitation”.

So it’s clear that the recitation of the Holy Quran must be taken seriously. Exactly what our teachers want from you to take every rule of tajweed seriously and for this, they describe all rules and regulations in too deep. So it will become much easier and interesting for you to understand and memorize them.

Learn Tajweed Online USA

Basic rules of Tajweed

  • QalQalah
  • Muddul Aslee
  • Madul Farie
  • Noon kitney
  • Silent letters
  • Ikhfa
  • Izhar

Tajweed primarily enables us to differentiate between the right and wrong way of pronunciations of Arabic words.

Importance of Tajweed:

There are almost 70 rules of Tajweed. So dears, we are here for you to teach you all of them one by one by staying at your homes through our online quran academy.

Advanced rules of Tajweed:

Quran is not an ordinary book at all. It is the Holy book from Allah Almighty for all of us. After learning some basic rules of Tajweed you must go for advanced rules of Tajweed to improve your Quran recitation.

Some of the advanced Tajweed rules are listed below:

  • Tanveen: Double zabbar, double zair, and double paish are known as Tanveen.
  • Maddah letters: These are related to the stretching of letters while reading the Quran.
  • Shadd: This letter is pronounced twice with one movement of your tongue.
  • Gunnah: Ringing sound is known as Ghunnah.
  • Jazm: It is called sakoon.

Benefits of learning Tajweed Online

The reciters of the Quran with proper Tajweed rules will be in the shelters of innocent angels. They are the best people and most of the favorites of Allah Almighty.
They properly understand and pronounce the exact words of the Quran.

Is Tajweed Hard?

  • Most people think reciting the Holy Quran with tajweed is hard. They skip the desire to learn tajweed online just because of this stupid thought. But it’s beyond reality.
  • Our teachers have many effective techniques that make learning and remembering the rules of tajweed a piece of cake for you. We use a different level of techniques according to different age groups.
  • After taking our online Quran tajweed course, your dream to recite the holy Quran just like any favorite reciter can come true.