Tafheem ul Quran international academy provides well educated and experienced teachers for online learning of Quran for your children of all ages. It is basic requirement to learn the teachings of Islam through Quran in order to spend our lives according to the instructions mentioned in it. Due to these reasons, you must start your children learning Quran from age of five or six years because their brains are developing and can pick up information more quickly as compared with adults. You can start teaching Quran to your children from home. If you home is away from mosque or you do not have enough time to teach Quran to your children, do not worry our platform has come up with the goal to provide standard Quran’s teaching all across USA. The online Quran kids learning platform is beneficial for people who want to learn from their homes.

  • The certified teachers use engaging techniques and modern teaching method to develop better understanding about Quran.
  • The experienced teachers know about correct orthoepy of words. Hence, parents should not be worried for right utterance and delivery of alphabets.
  • We teach in a very flexible environment for better understanding of Quran.
  • We have male and female staff members to deliver online lectures so that you can select anyone of them according to your choice.
  • Moreover, our online Quran kids learning facility is available 24x7x365 in US.
  • Monthly report about the performance of children is provided to parents.

Moreover, we warmly welcome learners of Quran from any age group. On the top of that, different courses are also provided by Tafheem ul Quran academy to provide Muslims of USA with deepened Islamic knowledge. Always, keep in mind to have good internet connection, Skype and laptop for efficient delivery of lectures.