Tafheem ul Quran Academy provides first-class online Quran learning services for Muslims in the USA. The primary purpose of this online Islamic center is to provide well-qualified tutors to all learners all over the world. We have a team of the best male & female tutors to teach the Muslims near their homes. Our male & female tutors are renowned for their experience and adaptability. We recruit all teachers after an extensive interview process to ensure the satisfaction of our learners. Our highly qualified tutors offer you online Quran classes via Skype according to your timetable.

Give a divine future to your kids by learning the Quran with our experienced tutors

All the teachers are qualified from the world’s renowned institutes such as Cairo University, Egypt, University of Jordan, Amman, Al Najah National University, Palestine, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia, and many others. They hold full expertise to teach online Quran Translation, online Quran Tafseer, online Quran Tajweed, and online Quran Recitation for beginners, online Quran Memorization, and basic Islamic teaching courses. The teachers emphasize correct pronunciation and identification of Arabic alphabets. Make your kids fluent readers of the Quran the surveillance of our expert teachers!

Equip your heart with the knowledge of the Quran with our expert male & female tutors

Many students especially kids feel a lack of interest and anxiety during learning the Quran. Alhamdulillah, our tutors successfully establish the interest of seeking knowledge about Islam among learners of all ages. Our expert male & female tutors use the latest software, teaching method, and technology to enhance the learning skills of the students. We develop curiosity and thirst to seek knowledge among students by asking several questions during lectures and arranging quiz segments.

Learn and implement Allah’s commands to spend a virtuous life

We understand that all the students have different learning abilities, so our professional tutors teach the students according to their peace of mind. Our dedicated tutors believe in developing strong teacher-student interaction. The tutors communicate in a flexible and friendly tone to remove the communication gap. We offer full freedom to students to ask questions to strengthen their knowledge. Our experienced tutors guide the students in the light of the Quran and Shariyah.

Characteristics of our expert tutors:

  • 24/7 availability of certified and experienced teachers
  • Well-qualified tutors from world-class institutes
  • All-trained Islamic scholars from different sects of Islam
  • English, Pashto, Farsi, and Urdu speaking female & male tutors
  • Excellent and flexible communication skills
  • Focus on pronunciation and identification of Arabic alphabets
  • Incorporate the latest learning procedures to make lectures more engaging
  • Build-up the interest of learners
  • Follow a practical step-by-step approach to teach students


Provide face-to-face online Quran classes via Skype on multiple devices
There is no need to send your kids outside and start learning the Quran from home. Simply connect your tablet, PC, or mobile phone to the internet to take online Quran classes. Get your professional online Quran tutor to learn the Quran by Tafheem ul Quran Academy!