When it comes to learning Tafseer means to learn the exact meanings of our book Holy Quran. The word Tafseer is an Arabic word and it means explanation and application of the words of “Allah” for our clear understanding. In our course of Tafseer-e-Quran, you are not going to read the meaning of verses only but we will teach you the hidden meanings behind them also. For a proper understanding of the commands of Allah, you need to learn the Tafseer of the Quran.

 This online Quran Tafseer course is specially designed to explain the meanings of the words of the Quran by our qualified teachers. We are Muslims and we must learn Quran meaningfully.

1: Teach word to word meaning of verses:

In this program, our qualified teachers will teach you a word to word meaning of verses. If you want to know Allah’s explanation of the Holy Quran the Quran online Tafseer course will help you to fully understand the Quran by the guidance of our best teachers. Before starting Tafseer you are required to learn basic knowledge. So, our professional teachers are here for you for proper guidance.

2: Translation with complete explanation:

Being a Muslim, we are bound to not just only read the Quran but also need to understand the hidden meanings and full translation. Our teachers are directed to teach you Quran Tafseer online by teaching every detail about what Allah Almighty is saying in his Holy Book named as Quran.

With this online course, every person can easily guide himself with the true directions of Islam.

3: Explanation Of The Holy Quran In Arabic.

As Allah (SWT) commands us.
“Understand the holy Quran in your native language”.
  •   The Holy Quran is in Arabic language but the non-Arabs don’t aware of the Arabic language. To learn and understand the teaching of the Holy Quran we have to understand it in our native language.
  •    That’s why in our Online Tafseer Couse, we include the explanation of the Holy Quran in your native language.
  •   No matter from where you belong or which is your native language our highly trained and experienced teachers can explain each and every law, and command that is given in the Holy Quran in your native language.

4: Explain Every Surah With Proper Reference.

  • This is the most attractive and interesting part of our Online Tafseer Course.
  • There are 6,236 verses, 114 surahs in the Holy Quran. Our highly-Qualified teachers and Quran scholars, explain to you every surah and the verses of the Holy Quran with the reference of Hadees and other parts of the Holy Quran.
  • So with this elegant way of teaching you can clearly understand the teachings and commands of the Holy Quran and with these solid references its becomes much easier for you to memorize all the surah and verses.
  • Join our Online Tafseer Couse to evaluate our teachers and course. Take a free trial of our class, if you are not satisfied after the trial you are not beholden to continue. Which never happened that’s our promise.