The teachings of sacred book “The Holy Quran” are a source of guidance of everyone, so it is very necessary to accurately learn all aspects of Holy Quran by an expert teacher. Tafheem ul Quran provides you a platform for online Quran learning. We are trying our best to teach people in affordable rates all across USA. The online Quran recitation is suitable for those who do not live near any mosque. We have aimed to teach as much humanity as possible by using our skills. You can start learning Quran recitation once you are registered with us. You can start online Quran recitation at your home, office or institute. To understand the true meanings of ALLAH’s message through Quran, it is necessary to know about its translation. Hence, we provide standard Islamic education by taking into account all essential aspects of it. Additionally, we also different courses including Tajweed, Memorization, Tafseer, Arabic language, advance Quran learning classes and many more.

  • The teachers correctly teach you about alphabets and pronunciation of words.
  • We deliver lectures via Skype. Hence, it is necessary to maintain a good internet connection on laptop or PC along with Skype ID.
  • Our trained and professional teachers have combined latest and ancient methodologies for quick understanding during recitation.
  • Our comprehensive curriculum for online learning of Quran is based on innovative learning tools to spread true spirit and teachings of Islam.
  • This distance learning platform performs its services 24x7x365 according your desired time. You can select any time whether day or night and tutor of your own choice.
  • We have certified tutors that are experienced to pay attention all minute details. We have male and female teachers as well.
  • The online Quran recitation is helpful for people of all ages either old or children.