Online Quran Learning for Every Age

TQAPK online academy offers online Quran learning facilities for kids and adults. Our professional trainers provide support and guidance to the learners to learn Islam. Online Quran learning offers the freedom to learn the Quran in your native language.

Does online Quran learning is suitable for female students?

The online Quran learning has become efficient and easy for our Muslim sisters and daughter because we have certified and competent female Quran teachers. Feel free to ask any questions with our professional female Quran tutors to seek guidance.

How online Quran learning is beneficial for students?

TQAPK online academy uses a strategic method to teach students. A specific schedule helps students to complete the entire course in the designated period of time. We focus on the correct identification and orthoepy of words. We have introduced rules of intonation and Tajweed rules to learn the Quran fluently. We start from a basic level and gradually move to advance level to improve the learning capacity of the students.

How can you take online classes?

TQAPK online academy has made Quran learning easy for everyone. Select a schedule and inform your teacher about it. There is no need for additional software. TQAPK online academy delivers one-on-one interactive lectures via Skype on a laptop or tablet. Moreover, parents can also monitor their kids.

Summary of online Quran learning courses:

The online Quran learning includes several courses at affordable rates including:

  • Online Quran memorization
  • Online Quran translation
  • Online Tajweed classes for advanced learners
  • Online Quran reading
  • Online Quran recitation
  • Online Quran learning for kids

Our online Quran learning platform makes you self-sufficient to recite the Quran eloquently and beautifully. Register yourself to get our superlative services in a comfortable environment of your home.

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