TQAPK online academy provides the services of experienced and professional Quran teachers to Muslims all across the world. Online Quran classes are suitable for everyone particularly kids and working people who can take online classes at their available time. Our e-learning platform provides a one-stop solution to take online Quran classes from home in a comfortable environment. The learners are free to choose male or female Quran teachers.

Our online Quran classes are safe for children:

The parents can trust us blindly. Online Quran classes are safe and secure. There is no fear of typical physical abuse as many students face these problems in the traditional mode of learning in mosques or madrassah.

How online Quran classes build interest among learners to seek education?

We build interest by developing mutual understanding and providing support to the students. Our enthusiastic teachers motivate students and provide the best possible solution to solve complexities. The friendly teachers encourage the students especially kids to take classes. Moreover, our teachers have excellent command on Arabic, Urdu, and English language to deliver lectures in your native language.

What are our focal points during online Quran classes?

TQAPK online academy has designed a special approach to deal with individual students. This self-paced learning platform improves the learning capability of students. We provide access to the relevant educational material to support quick learning.

The certified teachers have full command on 10 Qiraat styles, Recitation rules, Tajweed rules, Tafseer books, Translation method, Memorization techniques, Arabic language, and Islamic education. Additionally, we make a start from Noorani Qaida to make the learners familiar with the Arabic language. The focal point of dedicated teachers is the quick identification of Arabic alphabets and the correct pronunciation of words according to Tajweed rules.

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